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This page contains any beta builds of LOM which are available for testing and should give access to new functionality.  I would ask that you provide feedback in the forum on how the beta performs

  Please be aware that these are Beta and you
should not use these in your main LOM Setup.  Generally Beta releases will provide only executables.  To  try one then you need to create a new folder for it, copy the contents of your LOM application into the beta folder and then over-write the executables etc with the files in the beta package

You use these at your own risk!

LOM/SM Beta 2.00 is now available for testing.  This version support FSX library objects.  There are a much wider range of these than in FS9.  Over 3,500.  The program is made available for testing.  Please do not use it as your main LOM installation.

Please also note that you need FSUIPC Version 4 from Pete Dowson's Web Site.  You do not need to register it for LOM to work

Download Here.

NOTE Please do NOT use version 190 of BGLXML with this beta.  It does not work properly - this version works fine with version 180.