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October 7th, 2008
My old service provider continues to bite back at every opportunity.  We attempted our last move from them yesterday.  We tried to re-locate the Airport Design Editor domain to our new service provider.  This, of course failed.   For some reason that we cannot figure (second time this has happened) the domain ends up pointed to the old provider's home page.  We have reversed the assignment but that will probably result in the site becoming 'forbidden'  We will try the move again.  in the meantime the site can be accessed via  

Apologies for any inconvenience.   This experience is worse than a messy divorce!

September 19, 2008
Web Site failure.  We have had a major service failure by our Internet Service Provider.  Our site failed three days ago and they have been unable to deal with the problems.  We have now moved to another service provider.  It will take us some time to get everything re-assembled.  In the meantime please accept our apologies if links are not available.  We will try and bring everything back on line over the weekend